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Bordaberea I y II 

Todos los alojamientos
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Traditional house renovated in the urban core (280 inhabitants). The houses occupy the first floor of the building and they can be rented together.

Bordaberea I: 3 double bedrooms (2 twin, 1 double), 2 bathrooms, kitchen (with microwave and dishwasher) living room with TV and video.

Bordaberea II. 2 double bedrooms (one twin and one double) with en-suite bathrooms. Kitchen (with microwave), living room with TV and video. Balcony.
Terrace with garden furniture.  Close green area  with furniture. Barbecue. Euskaraz egiten da hitz.


Cuevas de Zugarramurdi
Magic, fantasy and witchcraft have become Zugaramurdi Cave on one unique tourist settlement t 400 meters from the border town with France in the western Pyrenees of Navarre. There is also a Museum of ...
Parque Natural Señorío de Bertiz
A fabulous botanical garden with blackbirds, squirrels and seven species of woodpeckers stand out in this Natural Park along the western Pyrenees of Navarre next to the river Bidasoa with large trees ...
Molino de Zubieta
It is one of the places where the time has stopped. It was built in 1785 as a real mill and nowadays is an active eco-museum. Its miller still uses his hands and utensils to grind the wheat and the co...


Feria de otoño de Denezteban / Santesteban
En Doneztebe-Santesteban, 15 de noviembre
Doneztebe/Santesteban celebra sus ferias de otoño el viernes más próximo a San Martín. Las encantadoras calles de esta población del valle de Malerreka aparecen salpicadas por pequeños puestos con tod...
Feria de productos de Leitza y Areso
En Leitza, 17 de noviembre
En el noroeste navarro, en un ensanchamiento del valle de Leitzaran, atravesada por la vía verde del Plazaola y rodeada de montañas se extiende esta villa formada por barrios que abrazan diversos case...
Ferias de otoño de Lesaka
En Lesaka, del 20 al 21 de noviembre
En el otoñal mes de noviembre, Lesaka celebra su tradicional feria en la que ofrece lo mejor de Cinco Villas: ganado, maquinaria agrícola, artesanía, deporte rural y rica gastronomía. El programa es m...



Very picturesque. Village-street of the Camino de Santiago from Baztan to the Navarre Pyrenean. We visit the arch to the entrance, the church of the Assumption and its palace houses, as well as a rebuilt mill where you can buy oatmeal or flour and other typical products. And from there you can walk through a route of 1,5 km. which crosses the dam and canal to reach the mythical monolith of Mount Gaztelu raised for remembering that Amair-Mata was the last focus of resistance to the incorporation of Navarre to the Crown of Castile in the XVI century, located on the site of an ancient castle


Caves of Zugarramurdi and Urdax, Natural Park of Bertiz, Francia


Hiking, collection of mushrooms.

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